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Our Delicious Story

Our journey started in 2017 when Bimal Malla decided to open his own restaurant after exploring recipes from several countries of Asia and bringing them all together in one menu. Bimal Malla has 20+ years of experience as a chef and has cooked in several Asian countries. Munal Asia Restaurant specializes in Chinese, Thai, and Nepali foods, with much more on the menu to explore.

Loved by Many

It's quite good, considering the fact that foreign food places have barely any competition in Estonia and therefore lack the quality usually. Not in this case.
-Vahur Glück
The restaurant has a new name, but the food is still just as good (I've only tried Nepalese food and noodles there ). Wonderful. I visit various Asian food places quite often (mainly in Tallinn) and this little one in Viljandi is one of the best.
-Airit Simsel
Очень вкусно, порции большие, сытно. По сравнению с другими ресторанами азиатской кухни цены здесь дешевле. Всем любителям азиатской кухни рекомендую! Translation: Very tasty, large portions, satisfying. Prices are cheaper than other Asian restaurants. I recommend it to all lovers of Asian cuisine.
-`IcE (Google name)